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Rixta Moritz


Rixta has a diploma in Leisure Education – Community Recreation from Mount Royal University supplemented with a year of Business at Olds College. 

She  has worked extensively for small businesses, civic organizations and school boards as an organizer/co-ordinator and business manager. 

 As an event and recreation organizer, she  spent many years bringing the community out to events and programs. A natural born organizer and a recreation professional since 1979, she has been a key person behind the scenes of many community  programs.

As the print form of advertising started to disappear, it became imperative to learn how to access, write appropriate content and use the social media platforms available. Rixta has spent many years  thinking outside of the box and found innovative ways to get the message across. 

She will curate and help you coordinate your daily social media posts so that they are sophisticated and the material is fresh, consistent, and current.

Rixta's first love is writing (she is emerging as an author) and proof reading. 

She has an eagle eye for spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar and is happy to help you fix your print media and social media posts so that they will showcase the professional that you are.

Rixta has spent many years volunteering in her communities and believes a commitment to her fellow citizens is what it takes to make a strong and healthy community in which to live and work in.

Hayley Moritz


Hayley Moritz , a graduate of the Donald School of Business Office Technology Certificate Program is currently taking the Media Studies and Professional Communication Diploma program at Red Deer College and intends to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication degree at Athabasca University.

As a millennial, she has a natural affinity for the technical aspects of the business and social media world. 

 Hayley has managed Social Media for Red Deer Public Schools, specifically for Community Programs in which she coordinated their Facebook, Twitter, and Mailchimp accounts. 

She also attended local Social Media Training Sessions while working with Hunting Hills High School.

 Hayley has created a large following of readers on her personal Instagram page called “@pipertheelkhound”. It has 1500+ followers and is the day to day account of her young Norwegian Elkhound pup who had to have a hip replacement at the tender young age of 15 months.

Hayley has a thorough understanding of how to technically work in Facebook and other Social Media platforms and knows how the “system” works. She will be able to help you create a large following of customers and will hit the right buttons so that your page is out there interacting while attracting new customers on a daily basis. 

Hayley spends her time outside of work volunteering in her community and believes a commitment to her fellow citizens is what it takes to make a strong and healthy environment in which to live and work in.

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