Rixta Moritz

Rixta Moritz is a graduate of the Leisure Education – Community Recreation program from Mount Royal University. She also has a year of the Agricultural Business program from Olds College where her favorite subject was genetics.

Rixta has worked extensively for small businesses, civic organizations and school boards as an organizer/coordinator.
As an event and recreation organizer, she spent many years bringing the community out to events and programs. A natural-born organizer and as a recreation professional, she has been a key person behind the scenes of many community programs and private events.

Rixta is keen to help you as a small business owner. Let her take over some of your daily tasks so that you can do what you do best-grow your business!

Rixta’s first love is writing and proofreading. She has an eagle eye for spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar. Rixta understands the challenges that business owners face as they try to juggle the many aspects of running their business and then trying to add the important piece of social media to their busy schedules.

Let Mint Willow curate and coordinate your daily social media posts so that they are sophisticated with the material fresh, relevant, consistent, and current. We will help to showcase the professional that you are.

Rixta spends her time between her work with Mint Willow and enjoying the company of her family, especially her three grandsons. She loves to sew, visit the mountains, watch British Mysteries and Australian television. She is a wannabe Australian!

Hayley Moritz

Hayley Moritz is a graduate of the Donald School of Business Office Technology Certificate program and of the Media Studies and Professional Communication Diploma program at Red Deer College. She intends to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication degree at Athabasca University.

As a millennial, she has a natural affinity for the technical aspects of the business and social media world. Hayley has managed Social Media for Red Deer Public Schools, specifically for Community Programs in which she coordinated their Facebook, Twitter, and Mailchimp accounts and now works as the technical advisor with Mint Willow.

Hayley has created a large following of readers on her personal Instagram page called “@piper.ella.theelkhounds”. It has 2000+ followers and is the day to day account of her young Norwegian Elkhound pups. Her older dog Piper had a hip replacement at the tender young age of 15 months and her health journey has provided lots of insights to others facing the same situation with their dogs.

Hayley has a thorough understanding of how to technically work in Facebook and other Social Media platforms and knows how the “system” works. She will be able to help you create a large following of customers and will “hit the right buttons” so that your page is out there interacting and attracting new customers on a daily basis.

Hayley spends her time between her part-time job at a local middle school, working for Mint Willow and growing her online dog bandana business called Mint Willow Design. And of course, the rest of her time is spent spoiling her beautiful furry children!