Why do you need a Social Media Manager?

Why do you need a Social Media Manager?

Think of your social media in the same terms that you used to think about attending that network or social event.

You needed to be there to let people know about you and then hopefully you could tell them about your business! You cannot control who sees you at the event and you probably only engaged with 5-10 people. But, it is still worth your while to be seen and to meet up with your potential clients.

The same principle can also apply to social media. You need to have that place holder in the virtual world. People will search your Business Page without alerting you that they have been there. Just like going to the social event, you do not know who sees you on Facebook. Did you know that 50% of online searches for businesses are now done on Facebook?

Finding time to keep your Facebook active and relevant is an important part of doing business but finding the time along with all of your other tasks is often a real juggling act.

Let us help you create and maintain a consistent presence with your social media!

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